Stained-Glass Sugar Cookies

Happy New Year, everyone!

Saw some really intricate stained-glass cookies on the web lately and I wanna try them out myself too. Getting the right type of candy for the stained-glass effect is a little tricky though; I guessed most of the recipes available online were based in the United States – they either used Jolly Ranchers or Life Savers hard candies which are hard to find in Singapore. So I bought a few different types that seemed like hard candies to me – Fox’s crystal clear, Nestlé Nerds, and Bourbon’s Cubyrop. I haven’t tried Fox’s, but between Nerds and Cubyrop, Nerds gave a very vibrant colour but the individual sugar rock crystals didn’t quite melt away.  Cubyrop melts beautifully but it should not stay in the oven longer than 6 minutes or you’ll end up with caramelized sugar and lose all those candy colors.


I used the same sugar cookie recipe as before (here) since I’d want the cookies to hold their shape/design well.


Top row: Baked with Nerds candy; Bottom row: Baked with Cubyrop candy

Since I was playing around with my alphabets cutters, my brother told me to do some letter “K” cookies for him. There you go! Which one looks best?

Clockwise from top: Hollow K, Embossed K, Translated K




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