Rum & Raisins Ogura Cake with Rum Icing

If anyone’s getting tired of my frequent Ogura Cakes posts, I’m sorry – here’s another! I’m concocting new flavors for my Ogura Cake series, hence there’s a lot of experiments and action happening in le kitchen lately. Having skipped a weekend of baking recovering from alcohol hangover after a crazy drinking night at an early Christmas gathering, I felt obliged to make up for it over a weekday (haha).

Anyways, the festive mood is here again! Christmas hymns and carols have started sounding throughout my office building and Christmas decorations are all done up around town. I’m not impressed with the multiple incidents of Christmas decorations catching fire this year, though. Back to cake talk, the hangover recovery period got me thinking about fanciful cake flavors that I could come up with. I have a silly friend that suggested “Sweet & Chili” and I almost cringed at that idea…

Anyhow, that booze-filled night last week gave me an inspiration that perhaps, an alcoholic cake would be nice in an Ogura-typed cake. Since it’s the Christmas season, rum and raisins sounds pretty enticing, yea? Rummy, vanilla scented, cinnamon spiced… together with a drizzle of rum-infused brown sugar icing. Ahh, not forgetting the rum-soaked golden raisins…


Speaking about cake tasting,  I did not mange to taste the cake this time! 3/4 of the cake was left on my office pantry and the 1/4 cake that I’ve left at home was eaten up by my folks. Honestly, I thought I would have had a teeny slice left for myself (haha). Well, to be exact, I did tasted the rum icing – which I thought it wasn’t deep and rummy enough. I’d try using a darker brown sugar (higher content of molasses) and add in a mightier dash of rum the next round. The cake itself smelt aromatic when baked. The cinnamon presence was felt, but again, I thought I would add in more spices for an extra kick – some nutmeg and all-spice, on my next try.

Recipe Index-page-001


Fresh out of the oven! The hot steam fogged up my camera lens.



The raisins sank to the bottom and it looked like a pocked face like that while cooling. Tips: Chop the raisins into smaller pieces and dust them with a thin coat of flour before adding them in the cake batter. I’d have preferred the raisins to be dispersed throughout the cake.

The raisins on the cake actually gave me a difficult time getting a clean cut. Shall I omit it?


Look at my mediocre icing skills (and that pretentious looking walnut)! From an engineering point of view, I think it looked pretty much like a plastic rebar spacer like so. 🙂






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