Pandan Ogura Cake with Coconut Milk & Grated Coconut – #1 and #2

A simple experiment to test the effect on taste and texture based on the proportions of ingredients in the batter.

I categorized the cake components into three segments – egg yolks mixture, flour/fluid mixture, and the meringue aka egg whites mixture. This test was really straightforward; the egg yolks and egg whites mixture were kept constant, and the only difference was increasing the total amount of flour/fluid mixture (while keeping flour:fluid ratio unchanged) in one of the two cakes. Both recipes are summarized below.

Recipe Index2-page-001.jpg

Full recipe and instructions can be found here. Both cakes were baked with temperature dial set at 150C (instead of 160C stated in the recipe as my oven’s internal temperature is generally hotter) for 60 minutes.

The results were as expected; Cake#2 was drier and tasted flat. The amount of flour was too excessive for the amount of eggs. I ended up chucking half the cake away because it looked better than it tasted. Cake#2 also tends to dip downwards towards the center of the cake when sliced (refer photo below), making it wrinkly looking.

Cake#1 tasted just about right; soft, moist and kind of dissolves upon bite. But because it rose a bit too much while baking, it resulted in an unevenly browned surface. Maybe it’s the oven’s temperature; to find the right temperature to be able to brown the cake evenly and not causing the cake to rise too much. Besides, I realized that I haven’t been baking with the aid of my oven thermometer…

The final conclusion is…Cake#2 is striked off my list! Tasteless cakes shall be permanently exterminated. 🙂

Now let me work on baking temperature and duration…

Cake Specimen #1




cake dipped downwards cake center causing it to look wrinkly


Cake Specimen #2







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