Apple Juice Ogura Cake – 蘋果汁相思蛋糕


I didn’t like this. First, it’s pink. I was trying out cake marbling with red colouring but adding too much scares me and hence, I ended up with pink. I hated the pink so much I had to make an apple rose to contrast the colour off. And next, it’s bland. Where did all the added apple juice go? Perhaps home-made apple juice (unsweetened) isn’t ideal for a flavor packed cake. Apple syrup perhaps? The only consolation was the texture – very soft, delicate, and a little moist. Suitable even for toothless babies and folks. If you like mild and healthy tasting cakes with a subtle hint of apples, this is great for you.

I’m phasing this flavor out till I find a better option to infuse intense apple flavors in it. 😦

Do you fancy apple flavored cakes? Yay, or Nay?

Apple Ogura-page-001 (1)









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