Soy Milk Ogura Cake with Pandan & Toasted Coconut Crumbs #2

Here’s the 2nd attempt at the Soy Milk & Pandan Oruga with a bit of modifications from the original recipe here.

  1. Increased soy milk from 80g to 90g
  2. Increased coconut crumbs from 2 tbsps to 5 tbsps
  3. Made 2/3 of cake batter Pandan flavored instead of 1/3
Comparison between 1st attempt (L) & 2nd attempt (R)

On a positive note, the cake was certainly more flavorful since all the flavor contributors were increased. I felt that the coconut crumbs do add a nice touch to the overall aroma and taste, and so did my colleagues whom had tried. However, the texture was a little bit moister than I’d have preferred. Tip: note that milk acts as a moisturizer in cakes, and is more moisturizing than water or juice. You’d only realized that it’s too moist when you can’t achieve a perfect clean cut while slicing the cake even after it had completely cooled. Then again, that only affected the visuals and did not compromise the taste.

Anyways, for some reason the cake rose so high during the last 20 minutes of baking that it grazed the surface of a baking tray which I’ve placed below the top heating element to avoid direct radiant heat form burning the cake too quickly. So, for 20 whole minutes, the portion that was in contact with the tray was sizzling and all I could do was to watch it burn…

must had hurt to burn like that…

For the upcoming try, I’ll be testing out the effect of different flour:fluid ratios given the same amount of eggs. It feels like getting back into the experimental mood during my final year project days.

visible coconut crumbs within the batter.





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