Matcha Adzuki Muffins (Vegan) – Updated

Update: 14th October 2015

So here’s an update of my 4th try on the vegan Matcha Adzuki Muffin recipe that was previously posted here.

Some tweaking in the ingredients of the original recipe were made as follow:-

  1. Reduced flour amount from 400g to 320g (Note that this reduction will yield 10 instead of 12 muffins)
  2. Omitted the addition of cashew nuts 
  3. Mashed up cooked red beans for use as stuffing


As it can be seen from the photo below, the batter is visibly less viscous compared to the previous batch (here) even though it was still sticky when combined. I decided not to mix the red beans within the batter as I wanted to see how the crumbs of the plain batter would turn out to be, and I thought it also looks pretty cute having the spherical blob in the middle, no?

As they turned out, the muffins have a faint pleasant soy milk accent and mild green tea flavor. The final verdict, however, was that the cake texture was still rather dense and dry although it was easier to sink your teeth into the muffin. The sweetness level was okay by my standard, though the brother that has a sweeter tooth felt that it was still too plain. As with the previous tries, the muffins became harder and slightly drier when left in the open and is definitely tastier fresh out from the oven. This isn’t one of the family favourites – but I finished them all anyway. But I guess I will be biding this recipe farewell…

Do leave me a comment if this recipe works for you though!

Rolling red bean paste into balls
with 320g top flour; thinner consistency
lesser flour = lesser batter = 2 less muffins




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